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3 Express ways to transform a charming garden

charming garden

To create a unique flower bed will take several months, for the construction of a beautiful house-a few years. But what if you want to transform quickly? If you want in the moment garden? We offer three of the fastest and most affordable ways of garden transformation.

The local reservoir on the site itself is a self-sufficient decoration of the garden. However, the opportunity to present it even more profitable exits. To do this, simply build a fountain on its surface. The main element of this design is a pump, and the nozzles can be changed depending on the mood, and it can be a geyser, a multi-tiered composition in the style of Tiffany or a laconic fountain-bell. Isn’t that magic?

charming garden

You do not have a pond on the site, in this case, to create a fountain, you can use a stream or a gushing spring. The main element is still the pump, and in a few days, the unusual element is ready.

Of course, even mini structures require a certain volume for water circulation, but it is not necessary to have a full reservoir for this. A small groove, with a simple film bottom, or a simple container of water, will also fit for this purpose.

Another option for the transformation of the reservoir – lighting. It is most often made with the use of LEDs. The easiest way is to send several solar-powered water lamps to the reservoir. This method does not require any solution to the issue of power supply or large financial costs. And if you resort to new technologies using fiber-optic systems, you can even turn the fountain into a colorful fireworks spray, and the water surface of the pond in a milky way.

The solution called — through the looking glass

Yes, you understand correctly, mirrors can be used in the transformation of the garden with their help, you can visually expand the space, make it more voluminous. You can create mirrored Windows or doors.

charming garden

Also, with the help of a mirror, you can carry out an imitation of a reservoir, it is quite simple to place the mirror in the chosen place and decorate it with water plants and stones. For such purposes, perfect mirrors designed for rooms with high humidity.

And by placing the mirror fragments in a dry stream, you can milk the amazing effect of flowing water. And larger fragments can be successfully used for paving, decorating them, for example, a barrel circle.

It should be noted that the options for decoration with mirror shards are not suitable for areas where children live.

Garden sculptures

Almost any tasteful sculpture or figurine can transform the garden. Choose one or another element is based on the overall style of the garden. So, for example, for a country-style garden, a variety of carts, household utensils, and others are perfect, for regular gardens, garden passages, traditional garden sculptures, and figures are perfect. A variety of characters made of metal, ceramics will fit into almost any landscape. It can be fairy-tale characters, animals and many other things.

charming garden

Also perfect for a quick transformation, decorative wells, pergolas, mills, gazebos. All this can be easily bought in specialized centers and stores, or ordered by a master. And it should be remembered that even a small shop placed in the right meta radically changes the perception of the entire landscape.

The described methods do not require any large monetary and physical costs, and the effect then exceeds all possible expectations. You just need to get the image of your new garden painted and then follow this idea. Perhaps it is the simplicity, ease, and speed of execution for a long time that will involve You in the world of landscape improvement.


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