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3 Plumbing Problems You May Be Able to Solve Yourself

3 Plumbing Problems You May Be Able to Solve Yourself

There are many problems that can happen to the plumbing in your home, but luckily the most common ones can easily be fixed. If you can use a couple of basic tools then you may even be able to fix them yourself. Though replacing pipework and fixing underground drainage may be beyond most of us, here are some of the most common faults that you may be able to solve yourself. But please remember, if you are in any doubt about the right approach you should employ a professional.

1. Leaking Tap

3 Plumbing Problems You May Be Able to Solve Yourself

There are not many things more annoying than a leaking tap, and if you have one, you should address it immediately. Though often thought of as only an annoyance, it could lead to higher bills and further problems later on. The usual cause is a simple washer that is inexpensive to purchase and usually easy to replace. If the problem is more serious you will probably need to replace the whole tap, and depending on your DIY ability, you may need to have it professionally fitted. Remember to turn off the water supply before disconnecting any pipework.

2. Blocked Sink

3 Plumbing Problems You May Be Able to Solve Yourself

The pipework under your sink is designed to remove waste water and to stop smells coming back into your property. It is not designed to remove the remnants of your meals or general waste. If your sink is blocked it is usually a simple case of unblocking the pipes below it, and this you can often do yourself. You may be able to free the system by using a plunger to unblock some of the pipes, but if not, you will need to remove some pipes to get at the blockage. The job can be awkward, and you should always wear gloves as you do not know what you will encounter when you undo the pipes. The usual causes are build ups of vegetation, pieces of plastic and solidified fat, all of which are easy to clean out. Remember to always have a bucket handy, as you will need to catch the water and foreign bodies that may otherwise cover you and the floor.

3. Blocked Toilet

3 Plumbing Problems You May Be Able to Solve Yourself

This can be a dirty and smelly job, but is one that you may be able to cope with yourself. The first course of action is to use a plunger as you would with a sink, and in many cases this is enough to free the blockage. However, if that doesn’t work there are still some other things that you can do. A toilet snake is a flexible friend in these can be used to free blockages around the u-bend. The last thing you could try is one of the caustic additives you can put in your toilet, these may be able to chemically break down any blockage. Be careful though as these can be very dangerous and it is not really something I would advise the layman.

These three common problems can be solved by the non-tradesman, but if you cannot fix them with these basic approaches you will need a professionals help. Remember, you could cause a lot more damage if you try to fix something that you have no real knowledge of.

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