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5 Steps to Improving the Appearance of Your Home

5 Steps to Improving the Appearance of Your Home

First impressions really do make a difference, and whether you are looking to sell or rent your home, hold a party or just have the in-laws over, the external appearance says a lot about you — despite what the inside looks like.

We can’t care what every person who knocks on your front door thinks about our home. But many of us care about the impression our home makes on people we care about — whether it’s family and friends, or that new client who whips past to drop something off on their way home. And if you’ve just bought a new house, or let yours go a little, it may not be in the shape you want it to be to show it off!

So how can you improve it?

Some simple maintenance is a great start. Obviously always keeping grass mowed is a big point, but little things, like the appearance of your mailbox or dead plants out the front can make a lot of difference.

1. Pool
A pool can be both a blessing and a curse when it comes to home appearance. A well-maintained pool can be a centrepiece to show off to guests, while a forgotten pool can be an eye-sore you just want to avoid. If you have a pool, you wanted it, so look after it. Head to a pool supplies store and install a good pool filter to decrease the work you have to do, make sure your fence is well constructed and well maintained, the cement  or grass around the water is well taken care of, and if possible, landscape a little.

2. Fence
Another big indicator of a well looked after home is the fencing. While fencing can be expensive, it doesn’t have to be, and it can make a huge difference to how your home is presented. If your fence is old, looks like it’s termite infested and is falling down, your home not only appears worse off, but it doesn’t convey a strong message of safety and security. Look into something like colourbond fencing that will last a long time, in good condition, or ask an expert what suits your area.

3. Garden
Put simply — start weeding. At a basic level, if you just weed and maintain your garden, you will see a big improvement. Of course, if you have the extra dollars to spend on landscaping, it will likely not only make your maintenance easier, but will greatly improve the value of your property. Think plants that grow easily and don’t require a lot of water, green lawn and a nice outdoor setting!

4. Driveway
Surprisingly, a driveway says volumes about your home. A weed infested, gravel runway for the car indicates not enough time to garden, while a cement archway, perfectly constructed and weed free is welcoming and looks appealing.

5. House exterior
The paint job on your home has an enormous impact on how your house, as a whole, is perceived. Cracking, peeling, dirty paint is not attractive, nor is old, poor brickwork. Consider a fresh paint job — it will fix your house up, and add value!

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