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Aloe vera plant near me

aloe vera plant near me

Aloe Vera is native to the Islands of Curacao and Barbados, located in the South of the Arabian Peninsula. Like other types of Aloe, the plant does not require careful aloe plant care and special conditions of maintenance. Succulents have branched, straight stems with thick leaves. The edges of the leaves have hard teeth, cartilaginous shape. Usually, the leaves of a big aloe plant reach a length of about 40 cm. the Plant has a fleshy and juicy flesh and almost 97% consists of water.

aloe vera plant near me

How to grow aloe vera


In summer, as a rule, special aloe plant care is not required. More air is recommended, so you can put the succulent on the balcony. In winter, plants like aloe vera require a little more attention and care. A lower temperature of about +12-13 degrees is preferable. Keep the flower in a cool and bright room.

To prevent the above processes, you need to provide more light to the plant. The temperature level for plants like aloe vera in winter should not exceed 15-16°C, ideally, for the plant the temperature is 12-13°C. However, at home, it is difficult to organize the correct temperature regime due to a number of accompanying factors. It is important to note that it is strictly forbidden to put aloe over the battery during the heating season, such a place is detrimental to the plant.


It is worth remembering that for effective growth and vital activity, the plant needs sufficient lighting. Aloe Vera Should not be placed in dark corners or kept in dark rooms, especially in winter. It is quite simple to recognize that the succulent does not have enough light, it is worth paying attention to such processes:

* The plant begins to stretch

* Leaves acquire a narrow shape

*Clearly visible change in the structure of the plant, it becomes dry

* Gradually acquires a pale light green hue

* When watering increases, the process of suppuration begins in the roots baby aloe plant loves sunlight. However, it is not recommended to keep it in the sun all the time, especially on hot summer days. In spring and summer, you need to periodically place the pot in a darkened area of the room. With active sunlight, it can burn out, which is noticeable by special signs:

* Leaves change shape, tips become narrow

* Shades of red appear on the leaves

Burnout can greatly affect not only the growth of the plant, but also its vital activity, and can even lead to complete drying-death. Avoid direct sunlight, after the winter period, get used to the sun gradually!

aloe vera plant near me

In the autumn and winter periods, aloe often does not have enough light, especially in the absence of a decrease in temperature. Therefore, it is recommended to use special lamps to fill the plant with the missing light. It can be used as led fit lamps and fluorescent.



The baby aloe plant can not be very humidified, but it is not necessary to over-dry it. In summer, when the temperature is above 28°, the watering frequency should be 1-2 days. If the temperature is lower, on average 20-25 degrees, then the frequency is 4-5 days after the last watering. Recommendations:

* Do not allow the liquid to enter the outlet.

* Moderate watering in winter

* The soil should dry well before watering

* The duration of the irrigation period depends on the air temperature and time of year

* Do not allow long – term drainage of the soil

aloe vera plant near me

Watering for a plant like Aloe Vera is very important. Therefore, the irrigation system should be as balanced as possible, so that it does not harm the succulent.


The fertilization process for succulents is quite a significant aspect. Therefore, this process must be performed correctly, based on the recommendations of the instructions. For Aloe Vera, the time for fertilizers falls on the period from May to August. Aloe is fed every two weeks, mainly with mineral complex fertilizers intended for cacti and succulents.


The plant is transplanted every year if the aloe is a baby aloe plant. For old succulents, transplanting occurs every 2-3 years. For transplanting, it is important to consider the soil. If the soil is purchased, it is worth clarifying that it must match the soil for succulents and cacti.

aloe vera plant near me


In most cases, the propagation of a big aloe plant occurs using cuttings. The plant has the ability to reproduce at any time of the year, but it is noted that it is better to carry out this process in the spring.

The technique of propagation by cuttings:

* First, you need to air-dry the cuttings

* Move the cuttings to a special mixture of sand and peat. It is noted that the mixture must be necessarily wet

* Bury the cuttings by 1-2 centimeters

It is worth noting that the cuttings do not need anything to cover or water. Watering is not carried out often.

big aloe plant
big aloe plant

Also, the propagation of a big aloe plant can be carried out using seeds. For aloe germination, it is required:

* Plant the seeds in prepared soil that has been treated with boiling water

* Seed planting occurs between February and May

* You need to put the plant in a warm, bright place

The most common diseases are associated with the defeat of the root system by rot. This can be both root and dry rot.

aloe vera plant near me


The first is caused by frequent watering and / or using cold water for this purpose. The first signs are a complete cessation or slowdown in the growth of the plant, and the stem begins to wither. In order to cure the plant, you need to get it out of the pot, completely remove all the rotted roots, and then plant it in the soil with a lot of sand. In the next 3 weeks, watering should be abandoned. If the entire root system was unusable and completely rotted, then it is still possible to propagate the plant using the tops, as long as the stems are healthy.

Dry rot is much more dangerous. The causes are usually associated with intermittent watering, frequent changes in temperature and humidity. It is very difficult to recognize the disease because it looks like root rot – the plant also begins to dry up. It is impossible to cure aloe of dry rot, except that it is periodically treated with special drugs (fungicides) to prevent the disease.


Blooming Aloe Vera

It is believed that aloe Vera does not bloom. However, the big aloe plant can bloom, but more often in natural conditions. At home, it rarely blooms, as it is difficult to create special conditions for flowering.

aloe vera plant near me

The flowering period of aloe is a long process. As a rule, the peduncle appears in the area of the axils of the upper leaves of the plant. In most cases, the peduncle is one, however, there have been rare cases of the flowering of several peduncles at once. The resulting flowers are cylindrical, bell-shaped, yellow-pink in color, and have long pedicels. Aloe Vera blooms, usually in the winter.

Medicinal properties and applications

Benefits and contraindications

Aloe Vera is actively used for medical purposes.

Internal use of aloe Vera juice:

* Juice made from the leaves of this plant is a good laxative

* Created medicines containing pressed aloe Vera juice are effective in the fight against gastritis

aloe vera plant near me

* Also, the pressed juice of this plant helps reduce gastric acidity

* Helps with chronic colitis

* Aloe Vera syrup with iron is effective in the treatment of anemia

* Used for migraines

* Helps with neurosis

* Highly effective in the fight against ulcers and asthma

External use of juice:

* Helps with the formation of purulent wounds

* Eliminates streptococci

* Struggling with E. coli

* This juice is effective in the fight against diphtheria Bacillus

* Promotes rapid wound healing

* Leaves are often used to relieve burns from the sun

Aloe Vera is widely used in medicine to fight various diseases. The plant is officially included in the list of pharmaceutical drugs.

Despite a large number of useful components, Aloe Vera also has contraindications. So, drugs created on the basis of aloe Vera are contraindicated for people with the following diseases:

* Gallbladder diseases

* Liver disease

* For cystitis

* Hemorrhoids

* Pregnancy and breast-feeding.

Children can use Aloe Vera only after consulting a doctor!


To make the juice, you will need to cut the lower or middle leaves of a healthy plant. After that, they need to be well washed, dried and placed in the refrigerator for 7 days. After this time, you can prepare and squeeze the juice.

There are many different recipes using aloe V. the article discusses the most popular recipes using This plant.

* Recipe for using aloe Vera to improve digestion, and after suffering a serious illness:

Is required:

-Aloe Vera juice-150 grams

– Honey-250 grams

– Strong red wine-350 grams

All the ingredients are mixed and allowed to stand for five days. The finished mixture should be consumed three times a day, after a meal.

* Recipe for an exhausted body:

Need to mix:

– Half a glass of aloe juice

– Crushed walnuts-500 grams

– Honey-300 grams

– Surviving lemon juice. You need to use 3-4 lemons.

It is required to use the resulting mixture three times a day before eating.

Aloe Vera for the face

Succulent of this type is very popular in the field of cosmetology. Cosmetics with the composition of this plant are recommended for owners of sensitive skin that is subject to various allergic reactions. Numerous creams and masks containing Aloe Vera help in the fight against age spots, provide protection from environmental factors and enrich the skin with nutrients.

aloe vera plant near me

It is noted that the use of masks and creams created on the basis of a big aloe plant give a great effect to the skin. Most of all, aloe Vera is valued in the fight against psoriasis, purulent discharge and the appearance of acne.

You can apply fresh juice daily to the skin, or add a couple of drops to the face cream.

Mask for maintaining youthful skin:

— 2 tablespoons of Aloe juice.

— 2 tablespoons of liquid honey

Mix, apply to cleansed skin once a week, for 20-30 minutes. It can be stored in the refrigerator.

Aloe Vera for hair

The plant has a positive effect on the skin of the head and on the hair roots. Aloe Vera is widely used to eliminate the following pathologies:

aloe vera plant near me

* Copes with dandruff

* Helps with hair loss

* Helps with baldness

* Has healing properties for split ends


* Gives luxuriance to hair

* Creates a thick hair structure

* Gives Shine to hair

* Gives strength to hair roots

For hair treatment, aloe Vera juice is used. The juice is rubbed into the scalp daily. After a positive result, the procedure can be applied 1-2 times during the week.

Aloe Vera is a unique plant that is widely used in medicine and cosmetology. The big aloe plant, rich in nutrients, is also loved by flower growers all over the world, it is used everywhere. Aloe Vera is one of the most popular plants living in homes, it looks great in the interior and is not whimsical in care.


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