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Common House Plants that Keep The Air Clean

Common House Plants that Keep The Air Clean

Surrounding our home with plants can help reduce free-radicals in the atmosphere.  They act as natural air purifiers which eliminate the need for chemical sprays and machines that promise to improve air quality in the house.  Pollution is not just about smog and CO2 emissions outside our homes.  There’s also such a thing as indoor pollution which most home makers are unaware of.  There are many surprising sources of pollutants in the house such as the air purifying machine, paint, carpets, old pillows and sofas, and cleaning materials.  Here are some of the natural air cleaners that can improve indoor air.

  1. The aloe vera is an ornamental plant with succulent stalks used for healing cuts and burns.  It is widely used in cosmetic and hair products.  They’re easily maintained and can be grown indoors in pots.  Aloe vera is being considered by NASA as an accompanying plant in long space flights.
  2. Mother-In-Law’s Tongue is also known as a Snake plant.  It has thick stalky growth similar to aloe vera but without the thorns. It is best for filtering harmful chemicals found in cleaning products. They are most useful in bathrooms since it thrives in humid conditions.
  3. Golden pothos is another ornamental plant that’s effective in filtering formaldehyde found in bathroom cleansers.  They green and yellow leopard leaves are great ornaments and they brighten up dark corners in the house.  They will look nice hanging in the garage since CO2 is prevalent in that area.
  4. The chrysanthemum is more than just a pretty bloom.  They filter out benzene, a hazardous substance found in plastic, paint, glue and detergent.  They thrive in warm sun shiny atmosphere so it’s best to place them near the window.  The window facing the street is a strategic place to place any ornamental plant.
  5. The heart-leafed philodendron is a climbing plant that can powerfully suck out volatile organic compounds and formalin.  The large foliaged vine is not advisable when you have pets and children as the plant is toxic.  But it’s a helpful tool in keeping the air free from dizzying chemicals.
  6. Calla Lilies are beautiful white flowers perfect in a garden pond. But they can also be placed in an indoor fountain for aesthetic and ornamental reasons.  They’re easily maintained and they can help reduce harmful gases in the air.

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