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Dog-Friendly Landscaping

Dog-Friendly Landscaping

Having a backyard for dogs to run around in should be an absolute bliss as long as they don’t create havoc in the garden.  Dogs can’t help themselves being naturally curious outdoor creatures.  They’ll sniff and dig, trample on flower beds and just frolic about wherever they could and could not.  If you just want a peaceful mongrel-loving life, create a landscaping that both you and your pet can enjoy.  Here are some suggestions.

An ideal garden for pets would have a running area.  Do not crowd the whole place with your precious plants.  Have space for your foliage bordered by a bench, thorny rose bushes, some driftwood, or any garden accessory that will send a message to your dog that the area is off limits.  In strategic landscaping, plants are always positioned where they can’t be pestered and still serve as ornaments.

Dogs love to bask in shady grass-covered lawns. Give that mutt a space for his outdoor needs that will also suit your landscaping preferences.  A good suggestion is a garden trellis where you could train vines to occupy.  This will be shady and it the dogs can’t reach the climbing foliage.

Hounds usually follow foot paths and this is a great idea to keep pets off your prized flowers.  It can be their trail when getting that much needed energy release.  This is also a good training ground for dogs so that they will also learn to walk only on designate areas when they’re brought outside. If your dog has already established its own garden path, follow that and it is where you’re going to have to lay the garden path.

An active dog can get hot in the summer and an owner can’t always be vigilant about its body temperature.  Create a place where they can refresh themselves anytime they need to.  If you don’t have a house pool, an old bath tub can be turned into dipping pond.  Decorate it with some rocks, or lay it against a walk with tile mosaic.  You can even dig a hole on the ground and line it with smooth river rocks at the bottom before filling it with water.

Building a dog-friend yard should also be headache-free.  But it does not happen at an instant so remember that you will have to do a bit more tweaking from time to time. Aside from having a perfect landscape that doubles as a pet’s play haven, it’s still essential to train your pup yard etiquettes.

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