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Green garden Сhinese

Green garden Сhinese

The art of competent gardening and landscape design has been around for thousands of years. Gardens are different. Some are strict as if verified by a ruler, and others seem to be created only by nature. The latter include the gardens in the Chinese style. The size of new garden Chinese can be anything from very small to huge. They will be United by the naturalness of the landscape created by nature, but with the help of a skilled gardener.

Green garden chinese

Chinese garden designs look very beautiful.

This area is natural and, at the same time, harmonious. All the beauty created by nature is directed by the competent hand of the gardener. He will remove an extra twig from the tree or add a pebble that is missing.

The center of a real green garden сhinese will be a pond. It is like an organizer and a starting point. There will be no Chinese garden designs without powerful old trees. Pines or peaches, camellias, and magnolias, elegant plums will be real decorations of the landscape.

Green garden chinese

As in any garden, Chinese garden art necessarily contains flowers. If the pond should grow lotuses, then on earth, preference is given to the pond. The Chinese call him the king of flowers. There must be a rose Queen next to the king.

In General, the founders of the style developed their own strict combinations of floral and plant compositions. So next to begonia, chrysanthemum bushes are necessarily planted, but the plum is planted in pairs with Camellia.

Mandatory for the Chinese in the Chinese garden art are stones. They are revered, spoken to, and are mandatory attributes. Stones in the green garden Chinese can be placed both in slides and in separate instances.

Green garden chinese

Real Chinese garden design is considered a complete harmony of all the elements of the earth: earth, air and water.

If you happen to visit China, then walking through the streets of cities, you will see a variety of variations of Chinese garden designs. But the main ones will be very small, cozy private gardens and huge, pompous Imperial ones. To combine them will be the same accuracy and naturalness.

Green garden chinese

In Europe, green garden Chinese appeared in the VIII century. Until today, they are very popular. But you can’t put it anywhere you want. The new garden Chinese

requires special architecture. Only against the background of Chinese roofs and facades, it will look natural. This gardening makes very high demands on the surrounding buildings, on the arrangement of courtyards and surrounding areas.

If you are able to provide all the necessary conditions that require landscape design to create Chinese garden designs, you will get a beautiful piece of nature that will please your soul.

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