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Growing tulips in pots

growing tulips in pots

Tulips are tender representatives of bulbous plants, loved by gardeners for their pleasant appearance, delicate aroma and unpretentiousness in growing. In the open ground, tulips are planted in late autumn or early spring, and the first option is considered more preferable. But what to do if you are late with planting in the ground, and the plants are needed for a certain holiday? Or if their love of flowers is so great that you want to watch them bloom at home on the windowsill? In this case, the best idea will be growing tulips in pots indoors

growing tulips in pots

How to plant tulip bulbs indoors

The success of the idea of planting tulips in winter depends on the nuances of preparation. Preparing indoor tulips for planting consists of a number of procedures.

growing tulips in pots

* Choose the right variety of tulips. Only a few varieties are suitable for winter planting of tulips. The criterion for selecting a variety is a reduced resting period, which was achieved through selection (Terry red, Plombir, foster’s Tulip).

* Prepare the planting material. Before planting tulips, it is necessary to examine the bulbs, remove dry scales and disinfect the planting material with a solution of potassium permanganate.

growing tulips in pots

* Prepare a pot for tulips. The best material for the container is ceramic: it does not overheat in the sun, passes moisture and air well, and is a natural material that does not release dangerous compounds into the soil. Make sure that there are sufficient drainage holes in the pot. Choosing the shape of the pot, give preference to a shallow, but wide capacity.

growing tulips in pots

* Prepare the ground for indoor tulips. Choosing the traditional method of growing tulips, choose a store-bought soil mix or make it yourself, connecting the fertile land with sand in a ratio of 1:1. In different countries, different soil is used, there are cases of growing tulips in the sand, hydrogel or simply in water.

Tulip care indoors

The planting procedure is not specific and does not differ from the planting of most crops. tulip care indoors is represented by a number of traditional procedures.

Fill a wide pot with soil 2/3 of the height. With a step of 3 cm, place the shallow holes in which you plant the Tulip bulbs, slightly sinking them. Sprinkle the soil on top with a layer of soil in 10-12 cm, lightly tamp and pour water at room temperature.

growing tulips in pots

Place the bulb container in a cool and humid place. At the first stage, it is enough to lower the temperature to 10 degrees and increase the humidity to 75%. After the first sprouts appear, lower the air temperature, even more, the comfortable temperature for the second stage of growth is about 3 degrees. You can return the flowers to a cool room (15-16 degrees) only 21 days before the expected date of a flowering of tulips.

growing tulips in pots

Water the tulips as the soil dries. With proper humidity and temperature conditions, the frequency of watering does not exceed 1-2 times a week.

Add mineral fertilizers to the soil every 2 weeks. You can find a suitable top dressing for tulips in any flower shop, it is convenient to use a liquid form, adding it to the water for watering.

21 days before flowering, you need to smoothly prepare indoor tulips for bright light. Increase the light day of tulips smoothly, and in 4 days reach the optimal time. Flowers should receive full coverage for at least 6 hours a day, in the absence of such a number – install a photo lamp that compensates for the lack of light.

growing tulips in pots

Keep an eye on the plants and remove the yellow leaves in a timely manner. Important and conditions for growing indoor tulips: place the plants away from radiators, they negatively affect the flowers, reduce the resistance, dry out the leaves. Protect plants from drafts and direct sunlight. If there are animals in the house, make sure that they do not taste the leaves.

Care after flowering

An important stage of preserving bulbs for the next season is how to care for tulips indoors after flowering.

  1. Most often, the flowers are cut off, but if there are flower stalks, leaves or shoots, remove them from the plant.
  2. Remove the bulbs from the ground and carefully remove the dirt. Rinse if necessary.
  3. Examine the roots of Tulip bulbs. If you find no signs of illness, shorten the longest ones. Dry the bulbs.
  4. Disinfect the bulbs by soaking them in a solution of potassium permanganate for a few hours. Dry the bulbs completely.
  5. Put the bulbs in storage. A nylon stocking suspended from the ceiling of the cellar or a wooden box in the apartment in a cool place (for example, under the bed) will be suitable.

Growing tulips at home is a simple process. In order for the flowers to have time to grow for the spring holiday or a specific date, remember that if you follow agricultural techniques, the flowers need 3-4 months to grow, and 2 weeks to bloom.


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