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How to care for roses

What to do with roses in winter

One of the most luxurious plants has long been considered a rose. The beauty and fragrance of these flowers inspire and enchant. These flowers require attention and care. Not all gardeners decide to grow this plant on their plots, considering it capricious. Well, those who are engaged in growing roses, admire the beauty and variety of flowers all summer. This article will discuss exactly what should be the care of roses in autumn and spring.

How to care for roses

How to care for roses at different times of the year

Since the rose is very capricious, you need to look after it all year round. The actions that should be applied to colors at each time of the year are described below.

What to do with roses in winter

Preparation of roses for wintering begins at the end of August, when it is no longer necessary to apply fertilizers that are intended for the spring-summer period or flowering plants. By this time, the flowers already have a certain supply of useful substances, and it is not necessary to stimulate the growth of new shoots, since they will die from frost. Also, at this time, it is not recommended to cut flowers from the Bush.

How to care for roses

You should also pay attention to precipitation, because after the rain, it is not recommended to cover the roses, because then the risk of infecting the plant with diseases increases. Therefore, it is better to wait for dry weather.

But what to cover roses for the winter and how?

There are several ways to do this.

Hilling. To do this, the rose Bush, which is ready for wintering in the middle of the earth is poured, forming a hill. Land for this purpose is better to take from other sites, and not near the Bush, because you can damage the root system. Depending on the variety of flowers, autumn pruning is carried out, for example, floribund roses need to be pruned at a height of 25-30 cm.

How to care for roses

2. Sawdust. The method is the same as hilling with earth, only sawdust is used here, sometimes they are mixed with needles from coniferous trees for fertilizer. Sawdust is poured on a Bush 20 cm high. In the spring after wintering, the sawdust is gradually removed from the Bush, because during the winter the sawdust freezes and creates a shield that does not allow the plant to fully awaken from hibernation.


3. Shelter with coniferous lapnik and brushwood. This method is very popular, because in its application it is simple and allows you to protect roses from severe frosts as much as possible. It is convenient because the needles will fall off and will be under the spring sun.

Shelter with coniferous lapnik and brushwood.

4. Burlap. Cover the rose bushes for the winter with burlap is only suitable for stem roses. Since before wintering they do only sanitary pruning, so as not to damage the adult stem, it is wrapped with burlap on top.

Cover the rose bushes for the winter with burlap

As a result, the preparation of roses for the winter period depends on some factors: climate, plant variety and age. If you take into account all these factors, then in the summer the flower will delight with exuberant flowering.

Proper care of roses after snowfall

When the snow has melted and there is no frost in the morning, you should remove the winter shelters from the rose bushes and start processing them. Special attention is paid to spring pruning of rose bushes. Such pruning is sanitary in nature, since all dried and damaged shoots are cut off. This pruning is necessary in order for the plant to come to life as quickly as possible after a winter sleep and get stronger, without wasting your strength on damaged shoots. Pruning bushes in the spring has two advantages.

the rose for the winter

With proper spring pruning of rose bushes, they can quickly grow new strong shoots, which will appear numerous buds. In addition, pruning rose bushes in the spring, you can give them a beautiful correct and desired shape, as well as remove excess shoots to stimulate flowering.

There are no specific dates for spring pruning, since winter in different regions changes from year to year and leaves at different times. In any case, roses are cut only after the onset of heat and the end of frost, since this flower is thermophilic, it does not tolerate low temperatures. The best time is March and April.

Pruning roses

These works should be performed in clear Sunny weather, using a pruner treated in a solution of manganese. Cut the shoots at an angle of 45 degrees, above the kidney by 5 mm. After the stems are cut, it is necessary to carry out processing, for which you should spray the bushes with a pre-prepared solution of copper sulfate. Pruning roses is done the same way, regardless of the variety of flowers.

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