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How to Make Mosaic Garden Stepping Stone

How to Make Mosaic Garden Stepping Stone

Gardeners don’t only get to be surrounded by the plants they love most, but they also get the bliss of landscaping and creating accessories.  One wonderful addition to any garden is a mosaic-patterned object like outdoor furniture, a birdbath, a garden mural, and even a stepping stone.  You can buy pre-cast stepping stones and mosaic kits from DIY shops or you can mould your own from scratch.  Here is a step-by-step guide to creating colourful mosaics on garden path stones.


–          Moulds.  They could be any shape, and preferably disposable.  You could use old plastic plant saucers or old food containers.  Some people use disposable aluminium food trays.

–          Quikrete, or a stepping stone mix.  They’re available in DIY shops and home depots.

–          A screen, cut according to the mould’s  shape

–          Shiny stones, broken tiles and colourful glass shards

–          Wax paper, cut and shaped according to the mould.  Cut the wax paper so that it can also line the sides of the mould.

–          Double sided tape

STEP 1:   Start by taking the already cut wax paper and laying down your stones, glass shards and tiles face down.  Secure your design with a double sided tape.  You can draw your design on the wax paper first and label the colors for each part of the drawing, so it’s easy to create a jigsaw with your design materials.  Make sure your designing materials are set shiny-side down.  And then, take the whole wax paper and carefully lay it at the bottom of your mould.  You can also stick the wax paper lining on the side of the mould with a double-sided tape.

STEP 2:  Create your mortar mix with five parts of Quikrete to one part water.   Mix the batches as needed because it dries up easily.  Also, start with less water than recommended and add a bit more as you see the consistency.

STEP 3:  Scoop your cement mix into your mold halfway and level it by tapping the whole mould on the ground.  Then, take your shaped screen and place it on your mould.  Pour the mould again until it’s full.  Shake your container and tap it on the sides to eliminate bubbles.

STEP 4:  Leave your cement to dry for three days.  Do not attempt to pry out the stepping stone before that time.  It’ll be easy to pop out because of the wax paper lining.

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