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How to prepare for a flight

flight preparation

If you are a traveler or going somewhere for the first time, you can still forget something important flight preparation before the flight. You may think about preparing to fly. You may think that this is just another list of “what to take with you on a trip”, but it is not. Things to remember when flying.

 Animals / plants / leaves

No, we don’t suggest that you take all this with you. But ask yourself: who will take care of all this while you are away? If this is a random friend – pay him. If a good friend – bring him something from vacation.

Don’t forget your own headphones

So, your headphones are without the previous passenger’s earwax. Think about it, and you’ll never forget them: not all airlines disinfect the headphones they hand out to passengers.

flight preparation

Small shopping bags

Use them for dirty clothes

All in order not to feel thirsty

Think of a reusable water bottle and vitamin C to drink during the flight And after landing. Most people experience dehydration after a flight, so don’t forget about it. Also, don’t forget to moisturize your skin!

All electrical appliances that you usually forget

Chargers, cameras, SD cards … So, we said “camera and SD cards” – forget about the cameras on your phone and start taking high-quality photos on your next trip!

Reusable Cup

A small Cup of (sometimes free) coffee in flight is always a pleasure. Let the flight attendant pour it into your own Cup!


Why are there snacks that you can take with you, so don’t spend too much at the airport! At many airports, you can also enjoy healthy food and not harm your body before your vacation.


When was the last time you were completely engrossed in a book? For a long time? In-flight, it’s time to fix it! A book, headphones, a Cup of coffee – and the flight will pass unnoticed. Also, don’t forget to download your favorite movies or TV shows to your devices before your flight: not all flights offer Wi-Fi on Board. Find out in advance if there are monitors on the back of your plane where you can watch movies.

flight preparation

Comfortable clothing for the flight

Prepare it in advance. For women, leggings, tunics, perhaps a scarf and comfortable shoes may be suitable. For men-trousers that make you feel comfortable, and loose shirts or t-shirts. Add to this loose tennis shoes – and your flight will be stylish and comfortable! For long flights, do not forget compression stockings so that your feet do not swell.

Cash / credit card / ID cards

This may be obvious to you, but you will be surprised how many people find that they have forgotten their driver’s license or passport in the terminal! On the day of departure, be especially careful not to forget or lose anything. Prepare your local currency in advance if you are flying abroad.

We hope that the list of flight preparation will help you travel with pleasure. Recline your chair, relax, and … Enjoy your flight!

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