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How To Remove Mold From Your Basement

mold in the basement

If you believe that you have mold in your basement, you should be aware that DIY removal is notoriously hard. Your level of success will depend on the size of the affected area and the right cleaning techniques. Here is a five-step removal plan for basement mold.

Step #1. Ventilate Your Basement

The most likely cause of mold apart from moisture is a lack of ventilation. Before attempting to tackle mold you must realize that using bleach in a confined area is extremely dangerous. Many people who try to tackle mold end up making things worse as mold spores are easily spread. Open any windows if your basement has them and consider using, buying or renting a dehumidifier.

Step #2. Containment

If your mold is concentrated in one area, you will need to contain this area to prevent mold spores from spreading. The simplest way to do this is to buy the type of plastic sheeting sold in any hardware store. Use this sheeting to section off your basement so that when you start to clean you minimize the areas that are affected. Containment also means stopping the spores from coming into contact with your body. A plastic suit and mask is a good idea to prevent you from inhaling the spores or accidentally transferring them to other areas of your home.

Step #3. Kill Mold With Bleach

If you have just a very small area of mold to tackle, use a solution of one part bleach with nine parts water. This should kill the mold and a scrubber will remove the spores. On areas larger than a few square feet you need to be aware that by disturbing mold spores you are generating millions of airborne particles and potentially making the problem much worse. A professional mold removal company will use proper containment techniques to prevent the spread and transfer of mold spores such as the use of an HEPA air scrubber.

Step #4. Trash Equipment To Prevent Transfer

The hardest part of basement mold removal is stopping the spores from getting into other parts of your home. The simplest way is to wrap your mask and suit in the plastic sheeting along with all items that you used to carry out the mold removal. Place them in a trash bag before leaving the basement and immediately take them outside. Continued ventilation and dehumidification of your basement is essential to give the clean up the best chance of success.

Step #5. Pay For Air Quality Testing

If you believe that you have successfully removed mold from your basement, the best solution is to call a firm specializing in mold inspection to carry out air quality testing. They will collect an air sample and send it for third party testing to confirm that the levels of mold in your basement aren’t dangerous. If you believe that the area of mold is too large to tackle on your own, this should be your first step!


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