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How to take care of a pomeranian

pomeranian food

How to take care of a pomeranian

The dwarf Pomeranian is a popular breed of dog, characterized by the compact size and focused on home maintenance. Its bright appearance makes it attractive to buy as a pet. But even a compact dog needs full care and creating a comfortable atmosphere in the house.

pomeranian dog food

In addition to maintaining a balanced diet, the animal necessarily requires regular walks and sufficient physical activity. Care for puppies at home, nutrition and maintenance of dwarf Pomeranian take a lot of time. But the reviews of the owners make it possible to understand: this breed of dog is really able to become a loyal companion and a good friend for many years.

Поморская собачья еда

Features of the breed

The Pomeranian is a German breed of a dog, characterized by a lively and cheerful character. But without proper training, a dwarf pet can easily subordinate the whole family to its needs and turn into a domestic tyrant. The description of the mini-Spitz emphasizes its resemblance to a small Fox-bright red hair, sharp muzzle, erect ears are a characteristic feature of the breed. There are animals and black, brown, white or two-color color, blue with a undertone, black and tan, red and black.

Pomeranian Spitz are from 19 to 30 cm in height, have a mass of up to 4 kg, at the withers reach 22 cm.

It is believed that such a dwarf companion dog with proper education is a good companion for the modern citizen.

Best food for pomeranian

Nutrition of the Pomeranian – is a special moment in the care of a puppy and an adult dog. The excellent appetite of the animal leads to the fact that its diet has to be limited, accurately calculating the caloric content. A good metabolism is a reason that the dog quickly begins to feel hungry.

With small body weight, even a weight gain of 0.5 kg creates an excessive load on the heart and other body systems.

pomeranian food

Pomeranian food should consist of:

* proteins that ensure proper growth and normal metabolism;

* carbohydrates that provide the necessary energy reserves;

* fats that are responsible for the condition of the coat;

* vitamins and minerals.

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Natural feeding is quite acceptable. Dogs of this breed willingly eat meat products – lean poultry, beef without bones, veal. To diversify the protein diet will help the use of sea fish in the boiled form. Also useful for growing puppies and adult dogs dairy products-kefir, low-fat cottage cheese. No more than once a week give eggs.

At home, feeding Pomeranian dogs involves the use of porridge – a source of carbohydrates. Recommended types of cereals such as rice, buckwheat, wheat, you can give Hercules or millet in a well-boiled form.

As the basis of the menu for puppies is suitable milk, adult dogs are better to cook porridge on meat broth.

Поморская еда

The diet must include vegetables-cucumbers, zucchini, carrots, as well as fruits and dried fruits as treats. But it is quite difficult to create a balanced diet for an animal and provide it with vitamins and minerals at home. That is why veterinarians and breeders believe that the diet should be ready and from a well-known manufacturer.

Pomeranian dog food 

Food standards for adult dogs are relevant in the case of Pomeranian at the age of 1 to 8 years-it is at this age that the animal is considered young and active. Some Pets keep their maximum physical shape until the age of 9.

Next, the feeding is carried out with special nutrition of the Senior category. Feeding habits of adult animals mean twice the results of food the dog during the day. The advantages of a ready-made diet, in this case, are obvious:

* balanced portion content – calorie content, the combination of vitamins and minerals;

* accurate calculation-the dosage is indicated on the package, you do not need to determine it yourself;

* wide range of options for different ages and nutritional needs;

* easy and convenient storage, the ability to take with you on a trip or vacation.

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Choosing ready-made food, do not be afraid of excessive costs. Buying high-quality varietal meat and fish will definitely cost no less and will require additional time. While choosing products, you should pay attention to the feed marked “mini”, “small”, “miniature”, taking into account the needs of small breeds of dogs.

Поморская собачья еда

Feeding a puppy

For dwarf Pomeranian, as well as for representatives of other small breeds, characterized by rapid and intensive growth. In 8-10 months dog already has adult external kind of, forth only a bit more robust becomes the backbone of. That is why the caloric content of the diet in the first months of the animal’s life should be maximum.

During the first weeks of life, Pomeranian Spitz feeds on their mother’s milk. In the absence of such, it is necessary to purchase specialized veterinary milk mixtures. Independently food can be prepared before each feeding, taking 250 ml of milk and 1 egg yolk. The resulting mixture is heated to 40 degrees, given from a bottle with a nipple immediately after its creation.

In the first 5 days, babies eat often-up to 12 times during the day. Night feeding is canceled from three weeks of age. With the appearance of milk teeth in the fourth week, puppies are given finely ground or chopped meat without fat, and pureed vegetable soups are introduced.

From 1 to 3 months, the frequency of feeding the puppy is 5 times a day. Necessarily with each feeding is given boiled meat. To prevent rickets, boiled egg yolk is injected twice a week. Milk rice, buckwheat, wheat porridge are responsible for weight gain and energy surge.

Fiber for digestion fast-growing animals gets from crushed fresh or boiled vegetables.

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From 2 months to six months, dairy products are useful for puppies. Natural cottage cheese, yogurt, kefir without added sugar will help to provide the baby’s body with calcium. At the same time, you can begin to gradually accustom to dry food. From 3-3. 5 months it is given soaked throughout the entire period of changing pomeranian teeth.

At 4 months, Pomeranian puppies are allowed to chew on the veins, soft spongy bones and cartilage-this is useful for the formation of the animal’s chewing apparatus. From the age of six months, the frequency of feeding is reduced to 3-4 times a day.

From 8 months he gets food as an adult dog.

Поморская собачья еда

What to feed a neutered pet?

Castrated or sterilized adult Pomeranian should receive specialized nutrition, taking into account the state of his health. Animals after surgery experience certain difficulties with metabolism and the work of the genitourinary organs. The owner needs to carefully regulate all the problems that arise with the help of a properly selected mode of eating.

For this purpose, industrial dry and wet premium and super-premium feeds are produced, as well as a grain-free diet-holistic.

The main feature of such products-reduced calorie content. Here the volume of incoming proteins is optimized, the content of fat and carbohydrate components is reduced. The portion sizes remain the same, the dog does not feel hungry. However, in the postoperative period, while the anesthesia is removed from the body, the amount of food will still have to be reduced.

Поморская забота

It is necessary to select the best food for neutered or sterilized animals after consultation with a veterinarian. Pay attention to products that are focused on small and dwarf breeds with a reduced level of physical activity. Among the useful additives, you should pay attention to chondroitin, Biotin, l-carnitine, calcium and magnesium, organic and polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Upon reaching the age of five, the animal is transferred to dry food intended for the prevention of urolithiasis.

Pomeranian care

Pomeranian – the dog is quite unpretentious. It is enough for a puppy to own bed, which is better placed in the room away from drafts. The best suitable will be the house or basket with sides and liner-mattress inside. Dogs of this breed need toys and devices for grinding teeth.

Поморская собачья еда

At home, if the puppy is left alone for a long time, it is necessary to prepare an aviary with a toilet and a couch inside. In the house or apartment at the time of growth and formation of the backbone of the dog will have to lay paths or carpets all slippery floor surfaces. Walking the animal is carried out on a leash-inquisitive animal is very partial to garbage and other dangerous items for him.

In addition to moderate physical activity, during walks in the fresh air, the pet should provide maximum comfort – you will need waterproof autumn overalls and winter “down jackets”.

How to look after the ears and eyes?

Direct delivery of ear shells Pomeranian allows you to easily and quickly carry out the necessary hygienic manipulations. Dogs are not prone to developing otitis media and other ear diseases. A pet who lives at home usually does not show concern when performing mandatory procedures on a regular basis. Care for a puppy begins with the first months of life.

Поморские зубы

The hairs growing on the inner surface of the ear are recommended to be removed. The procedure is performed in the period after bathing, manually, and does not give the pet special discomfort. Cleaning with a cotton swab is performed weekly, the depth of immersion should be minimal. It is better to give preference to special safe options with a limiter.

The following symptoms should be a cause for concern for the owner:

* formation of tumors, seals on the skin surface;

* itching, scratching surfaces with paws;

* skin color change inside;

* appearance of discharge from the ears, unpleasant smell.

All these factors are a good reason to seek the help of a veterinarian.

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Tips for the care of the dog’s eyes can also not be ignored. Features of their structure in Pomeranian Spitz are such that often the eyelashes or hair around grow incorrectly. Purulent discharge, excessive tearfulness, the appearance of lumps in the corners of the eyes are considered a cause for concern.

Normally, lacrimal discharge requires only regular removal from the surface of the coat. Lacrimation, which is necessary for wetting the convex eyeball, increases during the period after sleep, walking, or with a sharp change of light and shadow. But if the abundance of secretions increases significantly, you should be alarmed. The cause of the problems may be an allergic reaction or an eye injury.

Daily eye hygiene consists in removing secretions using a cotton swab dipped in a special veterinary lotion or ordinary boiled water, and a decoction of chamomile is suitable.

In case of an allergic reaction, veterinarians may prescribe drops.

Pomeranian teeth and dental hygiene

Care for the teeth of dogs of dwarf breeds, which include Pomeranian Spitz, requires special attention. Only careful hygiene will help protect the animal’s dental system from caries, loss, and Tartar damage. It is important to understand that the breed is so exposed to all these risks that it may well lose its molars and premolars long before the onset of advanced age.

Поморские зубы

Prevention of inflammation, careful monitoring of the oral cavity – these are the main responsibilities of the owner.

The change of teeth in puppies of the Pomeranian breed occurs up to six months. The length of the process is about 60-90 days. During this period, the animal may show signs of anxiety and malaise. There may be signs of fever, indigestion. If there are no signs of a timely change of teeth, you should consult a doctor.

Поморские зубы

Cleaning the teeth of the Pomeranian is carried out regularly after their change to permanent, at least three times a week. Special dog toothpaste is used, it is worth choosing options without sweeteners. To carry out the cleaning procedure, you will need a special brush or sponge, in an emergency situation outside the house, you can do with ordinary bandages.

It is important to remember: treats and bones, sprays and other options for oral cleaners do not replace the mechanical removal of bacterial plaque.

Groomed pomeranian

Pomeranian hair cut styles is one of the main problems of Pomeranian Spitz owners. Holders of long guard hair and dense undercoat require thorough and regular combing. The procedure is performed at least once a week, but too often it is not necessary to perform it, otherwise, the famous luxurious pet coat will be excessively thinned.

Поморская забота

During the molting period, you need to remove dead hairs more intensively to help the dog get rid of the extra undercoat.

Rules for grooming for Pomeranian Spitz prescribe combing in the direction against the wool. Particular attention is paid to areas of the body where the hair is particularly soft and prone to form tangles. These are areas behind the ears and in the groin, on the paws, throat. Correctly remove the dead undercoat and excessively long guard hair will help a set of appropriate devices:

* combs with a different frequency of teeth;

* brushes – with metal teeth and natural bristles;

* scissors for cutting – you should take the option for animals with safety rounded ends.

In order for an adult dog to tolerate all complex manipulations with the coat, it is necessary to take care of its habituation to this procedure in advance. We must start with months of age, creating a comfortable for the puppy, the conditions, and gradually increasing the time carding wool. Adult Spitz requires regular grooming-haircut to give the correct silhouette.


To keep the coat clean helps bathing Pomeranian. It is carried out not too often, once every two months, with the use of special dog shampoos. They must be hypoallergenic and from a well-known manufacturer. In emergency cases, dry shampoos are used, which can quickly bring the contaminated fur coat of the animal into proper condition.

Поморская забота

The basic set of products should include shampoo, conditioner, antistatic agent to reduce the level of static electricity.

When bathing, a special non-slip coating is laid on the bottom of the bath or other containers. In addition, it is worth considering a number of subtleties that will help to achieve optimal results.

During molting, bathing is undesirable. It is necessary to provide a break in the performance of hygienic procedures, so as not to provoke even more abundant hair loss.

Pre-combing will significantly facilitate the process of further processing of the coat and will avoid the tangling of the undercoat.

At the time of bathing, it is necessary to place cotton swabs in the animal’s ears, preventing water from getting inside.

For the most even distribution of the shampoo, you must first dilute it with water.

On the day of water procedures, you should refuse to walk the animal to prevent possible hypothermia and the development of colds.

After the procedure, the animal is dried with a hairdryer. Dense undercoat prevents rapid natural drying. The best solution would be to buy a special stand for a hairdryer that allows you to act with two hands in the process of processing the animal’s body.

How to cut claws?

Cutting claws is a complicated procedure. And if we are talking about a hyperactive German dwarf Spitz, it is even more difficult to conduct it without compromising the health of the dog.

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But this procedure is absolutely necessary because naturally the claws are worn off very badly, and excessively long keratinized plates can grow into soft tissues, injure the pet.

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The regularity of cutting claws in Pomeranian spits is determined by such a factor as the conditions of their detention. The more often the dog is in contact with natural abrasives-asphalt, concrete, the less often you will need artificial removal of an excess keratinized layer. On average, it is necessary to inspect and cut the claws once every one or two months.

The main difficulties in cutting claws are in the presence of a hard shell of living tissue-pulp. Its border is clearly visible even on visual inspection if sufficient lighting is provided. From this line, you need to step back 2 mm and remove the excess claw. Then the cut edge is carefully filed with a classic nail file or special grinding tools.



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