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How will coexist Jack Russell Terrier with children?

jack russel terrier adoptions

One of the important questions that interest everyone who wants to buy Jack — and how will the jack Russel puppies and the children in my family coexist? This will be discussed in this article.

jack russel terrier adoptions

The dream of many children is a dog, a small four-legged friend. And that’s fine! A child who grows up with a dog is usually more caring, attentive, disciplined and responsible.

But it often happens that a pet is started thoughtlessly, as a result of a momentary child’s whim, as a toy. In this case, the consequences are very sad. Having played enough, the dog begins to be attached to the “good hands”.

jack russel terrier adoptions

Let’s find out how to make sure that the puppy appeared in the house became a pet, and not an additional source of problems.

 Of course, ideally, a puppies jack Russell should not be started for a child.

But, if you still decided to take this step, you need to understand all the responsibility for the animal will fall on you! And it is you who must teach the child the correct treatment of the dog.

What should a child learn before buying a dog

Sit down and talk seriously with your child about the fact that getting a dog is a very responsible thing. She will become a full-fledged member of the family and will live with you for many years.

jack russel terrier adoptions

Tell, that with dog with first months life need to will engage, devoting this a long time, to in thereafter she not delivered an extra $ trouble,.

Explain to the child that in addition to classes, walks and feeding, the dog should conduct hygiene procedures, as well as periodically visit the veterinarian for routine inspection and vaccination.

jack russel terrier adoptions

Immediately stipulate that part of the responsibilities for the care of a pet will fall on the child as the initiator of its appearance in the family. At least – regular walking, twice a day. Regardless of the weather and mood. And the child will have to sacrifice their free time, get up early in the morning, etc.

 Jack Russell terrier adoptions – why this breed?

The Jack Russell Terrier Is a breed that is ideal for families with children. They are not large in size, almost do not cause allergies, they are not difficult to care for. But the main feature of these dogs is their energy and fervent character. Like babies, he likes to make noise, jump, run or do something.

These dogs are the ultimate companions for children to play!

Initially, the Jack Russell breed of Terriers was bred as Fox hunters. But today city residents no longer consider such dogs as hunting dogs.

jack russel terrier adoptions

Today, dogs of this breed are becoming more and more popular.

Jack Russell Terriers get along well with children: they are kind and will not give a child to hurt. But we must take note that experts do not recommend starting Jack Russell in families where children are less than 6 years old.

jack russel terrier adoptions

At its core, this is a freedom-loving breed, so kids should know how to behave with a Terrier. Although Jack Russell is small in size and defenseless in appearance, he will not tolerate disrespectful treatment from children. And to explain to the kid that it is impossible to do so with a dog, sometimes it is difficult.

What to consider when starting a Jack Russell Terrier

Puppy jack is a very active dog that requires good and active walking. If Jack Russell does not get proper physical activity, excess energy he can splash out, harming the owners and spoiling their things. Buying a puppy of this breed, immediately buy him as many toys as possible. At a minimum, stock up on an impressive number of balls and rubber rings.

jack russell puppy breeders

Jack Russels have a well-developed sense of self-esteem. They are proud dogs who will not tolerate neglect and restriction of freedom. If the Jack Russell Terrier doesn’t like something, it can start growling and even slightly bite.

Therefore, it is better to immediately establish friendly relations. Jackie is well aware of the injuries he caused earlier.

jack russel terrier adoptions

Jack Russell Terrier is a very smart dog, it is well trained. But keep in mind that in combination with intelligence, they are also very cunning. Educate your pet so that it can not manipulate either you or the child.

If your children are not so small, explain to them the simple rules of handling a dog:

* A dog is not a toy! Puppy jack can not be grabbed suddenly, first call (he immediately recognizes your voice and pay attention), and then you can take him in your arms or stroke;

* The dog should not be touched while eating or sleeping. As a result, wayward Jack Russell, like any dog can snap. And from sudden movements without warning it can be scared;

* The dog should not be beaten or shouted at. After all, aggression on your part can cause fear or even aggression in response. With Jack Russell Terrier enough to speak strictly, but quietly.


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