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Keeping Cool On Electric Bills

Keeping Cool On Electric Bills

Energy bills heating you up? No one needs to tell us that more than the sun heats up this time of year. Our electric bills are monthly reminders of what it takes to keep us cool.

There are ways, however, to help keep those bills reasonable. An insulation company offers these tips:

– Give your air conditioner a monthly checkup. Clean internal coils with a damp rag or soft brush and then vacuum. Wash or replace foam filters at least once a month. Once a year, have your air conditioner serviced: motors lubricated, coils cleaned, filters changed.

– Caulk and weatherstrip doors and windows to prevent cool air from escaping and hot air entering. Available as felt strips, foam rubber and flexible vinyl, weatherstripping is easy to install. Caulking also is a do-it-yourself venture, and inexpensive caulking guns and materials are readily available at hardware stores.

– Run dishwashers, laundry machines and other energy-gobblers in the early morning and late evening when power loads are lighter. Cooking and burning lights both generate heat; avoid them in the middle of the day.

– Pull shades, draperies and blinds to keep out the sun. Consider use of awnings or other devices on outside windows for shade. No air conditioner? Close windows and blinds during the day, open at night.

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