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Nature wreath

natural wreaths

There comes a time when we suddenly think: “What would be such an unusual thing to do to make it pleasant for the soul and for the house useful and beautiful?” My hands are itching, but nothing interesting comes to my head. Of course, as always, the Internet will help! For example, today you can make a nature wreath from different unusual materials. Which ones? Now, you’ll see. In this article, you will find a selection of photos of interior nature wreaths from everything that came to hand.

natural wreaths

Let’s get started!

A large wreath of natural branches. All natural wreaths must have a base on which everything else is attached. To determine what basis is needed for your future wreath base, you need to know what you will decorate it with. For example, the wreath base of thin twigs and twigs is suitable for a wreath that is not overloaded with additional accessories. Natural branches do not need to be covered with anything, they look great and will easily fit into any interior.

natural wreaths

Elegant birch branches are easy to assemble in a round minimalist wreath, securing them together with a thin wire or twine. After passing a piece of wire through the resulting ring, make a loop to hang the wreath on the door or on the wall. These are front door wreaths ideas. If you insert a few live tulips into this minimalist wreath, you will get a good home decoration

Sunflower natural wreaths

Perhaps the traditional home decoration is a natural wreath of flowers. Sunflower-a symbol of warm summer, will decorate any kitchen and make it cozy.

natural wreaths Sunflower

Aromatic herbs natural wreaths

You can also decorate your kitchen with a wreath of dry aromatic herbs (those that grow in your area). Add dried lemons and oranges to them and you will get a great composition.

natural wreaths herbs

Natural wreaths for bedroom

A natural wreath of herbs can be a picturesque addition not only in the kitchen, but also in the bedroom.

natural wreaths bedroom

Dried wreaths for front door

Try to make a wreath of beautifully blooming dried flowers.

natural wreaths outdoor

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