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Planting cilantro indoors

grow cilantro indoors

Cilantro (Coriandrum sativum) is a useful crop that is actively used in food as a spicy seasoning. This useful herb is offered by various supermarkets or vegetable markets, but the self-cultivation of greens is becoming more and more popular. This not only allows you to get a fresh crop but also significantly saves the budget. In this article, we propose to study how coriander is grown on the windowsill, to consider the subtleties of this process, as well as popular varieties of culture.

grow cilantro indoors

How is coriander useful?

Coriander on the windowsill is in great demand because it has a number of healing properties. Culture helps in the work of the stomach, improves the functioning of the intestines and kidneys.

grow cilantro indoors

Regular use of such greens cleanses the body of various kinds of toxins, as well as destroys parasites, strengthens the cardiovascular system, helps in healing skin diseases. In addition to the above properties, coriander also:

* strengthens the immune system, has an anti-inflammatory effect;

* lowers blood sugar, which is important for diabetes;

* helps in normalizing body weight, often prescribed in various diets for weight loss;

* improves the eyesight of the person.

Knowing the rules of sowing and care, growing cilantro indoors gets very easy

How to start growing cilantro from seeds indoors on the windowsill?

To ensure a good harvest of this green grass, you should purchase high-quality seed material, several tools, and inventory.

grow cilantro indoors

You will need to choose the optimal depth of the container.

For planting suitable containers, plastic, ceramics, wood, you can use the tin container. Often buy peat containers. Also, to get a plentiful crop of coriander, you will need to prepare:

* soil composition or porous raw materials to build a hydroponic system;

* materials for fertilizer;

* watering can, sprayer;

* lamp to illuminate;

* polyethylene or plastic wrap.

Also, in the preparation process, to fully develop coriander on the windowsill, you should take into account several nuances:

* Prepare good drainage. For this purpose, crushed brick crumbs, shards are suitable. This raw material is plentifully filled with the container before planting coriander.

* Choose the optimal location for growing cilantro indoors. Optimally, if there is a lot of sunlight, Windows of southern or Western orientation. If the illumination is poor, you will need to perform additional lighting.

* Special racks are used for placing pots with crops, and the window sill will need to be insulated.

If space allows, you can create full-fledged mini-gardens in the apartment.

grow cilantro indoors

How growing cilantro from seeds indoors on the windowsill in stages

Planting cilantro indoors, use sowing seeds directly in the prepared container. In the purchased containers, you will need to lay a drainage layer, then moistened soil. Do not fill the containers completely with soil, as in the future you may need to fill the soil a few centimeters.

Before planting cilantro indoors on the windowsill, prepare a loose soil with a neutral reaction. Optimal use-sandy loam soil types.

Further actions can be divided into several stages. On the first of them, grooves are formed (the distance between them is about 6 centimeters). Then proceed to sow the seed material. 2-3 seeds need to be laid in the ground, making a distance of 10 centimeters between them. Too deep seed material is not recommended – up to 2 cm. then the bushes can be subjected to thinning, leaving only strong and healthy units.

grow cilantro indoors

At the second stage, the seed material is sprinkled with peat (necessarily sifted). This eliminates the formation of the crust. The soil is abundantly moistened, and containers with crops are covered with food wrap. Containers should be placed in a dark room until the first sprouts are formed on them. At this stage, it is extremely important that the substrate is not too dry.

Full coverage of seedlings is of great importance. The length of the day is up to 8 hours, and it is not recommended to exceed this figure. In winter or on cloudy days, you will need to carry out additional lighting. 1 time a day, you will need to turn the container with coriander 180 degrees so that the greenery has enough sunlight, it does not start to stretch out on one side.

Irrigation and fertilizer features

An important point in how to grow cilantro indoors on the windowsill is regular watering and fertilizers. Coriander prefers moderate soil moisture, if there is a lack of moisture, the plants will be sparse, stunted will quickly begin.

grow cilantro indoors

During the period of intensive growth, coriander on the windowsill requires increased watering. In the summer, or if the air is too dry in the room, you will need to additionally spray the greens, using warm water. In the winter season, watering is reduced. Only filtered water is used for this procedure.

Supplements are made only at the time when the root has formed the outlet, and the greenery starts to develop actively. For this purpose, complex substances or biofertilizers are used. It is recommended to add substances according to the instructions.

You will need to weed and thin out the bushes regularly. Systematically remove weeds if they appear. You may also need to thin out the bushes to build up the green mass, and not the flower stalks. You can get the first crop of greens a month later.

Treatment of diseases and pests of coriander on the balcony

Coriander in a pot on the windowsill can be damaged by bacteriosis, phimosis, or rust. Damaged greens can not be used in food, it is better to immediately throw it away. You can recognize problems by their faded appearance. You may also need to fight pests, most often seed-eaters, umbrella moths, wireworms. Insecticides are used to eliminate parasites.



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