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Relocate Plants

relocate plants

Any vegetable cargo belongs to the category of perishable and needs special conditions during transportation. Transportation of saplings of trees and shrubs, flowers and other plants by road is a complex process that requires specific knowledge.

Moving plants

Especially if we are not talking about the delivery of several packages with seedlings to the dacha, but involves the transportation of a large batch of planting material or expensive seedlings. When transporting a large number of indoor flowers or other plants to the dacha, you should use the services of an experienced cargo carrier.

relocate plants

Preparation of indoor plants

When moving over long distances, in winter or in the case of large volumes of cargo, the transport company is the optimal solution. Its specialists will help you not only transport, but also pack flower pots:

In order to avoid soil precipitation, it is covered with cardboard circles or secured with a garbage bag put on the bottom with a binding around the trunk.

Small and medium-sized plants are placed in cardboard boxes, filling the voids with paper or a soft cloth. The largest ones are secured with tape or tape around small pegs.

The leaves of tall plants are tied to the trunk with a soft tape or a narrow cloth and placed in a bag, then tied and firmly fixed with tape.

A mandatory condition is to stop watering 3-4 days before moving. On boxes with small plants put an arrow “top-bottom”. When shipping with other items potted plants or seedlings are downloading the latest and securely they are fixed. All items are placed so as to exclude the possibility of pressure from above or from the side, as well as collapse.

How to move a tree without killing it

Preparation of seedlings for moving plants

The method of transporting seedlings depends on the state of the root system:

Expensive plants can be sold in pots with fertilizer, in this case they are transported as indoor flowers in a standing position.

relocate plants

Ordinary seedlings with a Packed clod of earth or wrapped in moss are tightly placed in special boxes, plastic bags. It is possible to use struts for reliable fixation.

Trees are transported with special attention, when digging, you need to carefully manage the root system and try to preserve the land.

Special equipment is used for loading and unloading of expensive high saplings, and transportation is carried out with strict observance of the temperature regime in a closed body.

Saplings of trees and shrubs can be transported both vertically and horizontally. In the latter case – only for short distances.

How to move plants without killing them

Transporting plants features

When transporting any plant products (indoor plants, seedlings, seedlings, live cut flowers), a number of conditions must be met:

Packaging. For live plants, cardboard boxes, air-bubble film, and pallets are used. For seeds-paper or cloth containers, for tubers – perforated bags, for bulbs-boxes with shavings.

Temperature. Optimal modes for transportation: indoor plants – +12 +14C, seedlings-0 +2C, cut bouquets – +1 +8C.

Special transport. Optimal temperature and humidity conditions, especially for long-distance transport, are achieved only in refrigerators and isotherms.

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