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Rockery is a composition consisting of plants and stones, with plants playing a secondary role, and the dominant position is occupied by stones. In contrast to the rock garden, the rock garden can be arranged on the slopes and on flat areas. There are many types of rockeries: “rocks”, “gorge”, “rocky ridge”, “cliff”, landscape rockery, terraced slope, “rocky hill”, rocky wall, “descent”, mini-garden in the sink, such rocky gardens there is no symmetry at all. Rockery always looks natural, as in nature. The choice of variety depends on the terrain, lighting, and groundwater. rockery

Rockery can easily be arranged with your own hands, but you should take into account the proportions of the garden and rockery, which should correspond to the size of the site. Stones should be used of the same type, but different sizes, then it is possible to achieve harmony.

Rockery with your own hands

Before building a rockery, you need to choose the appropriate material. You can select stones of different sizes. For rockery, limestone with a natural texture is suitable, this stone quickly ages, thereby giving a refined look to the entire composition. In addition to limestone, you can use shale, Sandstone, and tuff.

Stones for rockery can be laid in any order, the main thing is to get a natural picture. If the rockery is laid out in the idea of a rocky hill, then for its stability it is necessary to layout large stones at the base, filling them with the earth at a height of three-quarters.


For rockery, you should select low-growing plants. Allowed low-growing slow-growing coniferous and deciduous trees and shrubs, perennial herbaceous plants, bulbous. Of coniferous trees, these can be varieties of Canadian spruce and nesting spruce, spherical thuja, mountain pine, berry yew, and scaly juniper. From deciduous-evergreen boxwood, horizontal dogwood, dwarf spirea, dwarf birch bark, and others.


Combine well with perennials stones: lychnis, thyme, cloves, thrift, Hosta, sedums; bulbous plants: crocuses, hyacinths, daffodils, low-growing tulips, and irises. You should select such plants that are not demanding in care and do not need frequent transplants.

How to make a rockery garden

Preparing a rockery garden needs more raw stamina than normal ones. A great rockery garden calls for comprehensive preparation and very carefully thought-out plans to ensure that they’ll look spectacular.
Erase the plot of land. Remove all greenery on that plot, and effectively demarcate the area of your yard by making a deep edge around it.
Plot your layout on the ground with inverted noting paint. By doing this, you can have an excellent consider just how the yard will certainly resemble before you do the hefty job. You should likewise mix in products that drain well on top to increase soil drain as well as add some weed-resistant textiles on the area if it is frequented with weeds.


Select the rocks you want to have. You can acquire most little rocks from a landscaping or horticulture shop. You’ll require to buy the bigger ones from rock providers with their quarry. They have a huge selection of boulders to select from, and they are one of the most economical choices.
Beginning with the big stones since they are the hardest to move. You should create a footing to establish them to ensure that they look all-natural.

At this point, you can do 2 things: either plant all the plants first or place the smaller sized rocks first. To make your rocks look normally positioned, you can push them down or load the gaps with soil.
Rockery garden: matters to consider
Just like traditional gardens, there are also points to take into consideration in making a rock garden. In the modifications of the visual aspect, some useful parts might also become different, and you require to appropriately consider those when you prepare for your future stony yard.

Plants in a rockery garden

A good guideline to comply with searching for plants for your garden is to pick small ones that take dry spell well. Tiny light bulbs, as well as succulents, look terrific on these yards, and you can likewise think about creeping plants. However, do not limit with the small plants; large plants can additionally look fantastic depending upon your preferred design.


Size of rocks in the rockery garden

One of the important things that bring charm to your yard is the comparison of sizes. A typical option would certainly be having a few stones or big stones as the primary foreground while making use of tiny pebbles and also rocks as the corresponding background. Nevertheless, it is additionally possible to have similarly-sized ones for a more consistent appearance.

Area of the rockery garden

Bear in mind that rock gardens are rather irreversible frameworks so you should remember that as you find an exceptional spot. If you are still launching, then a reasonable location to start is on one corner of your backyard. If you’re feeling a lot more knowledgeable and all set to take on a large challenge, you can experiment with making use of bigger rooms as well as higher hills.


Feel of the rockery garden

A great choice of rocks and positioning will certainly affect the feel of your garden. For a laid-back as well as natural appeal, random collections of rocks function well paired with irregular rocks. Nonetheless, if you desire a cleaner and stylish charm, smooth stones or rocks that are available in uniform sizes do the job well.

Thoughts on rockery gardens

Rocks are rather usual in a lot of gardens, however, you could not have considered utilizing them as noticeable features. Nevertheless, there’s a particular appeal in a rock garden that is similar yet contrasting to a flower yard. A rockery advises you of natural landforms on Earth as well as exactly how remarkable they are to be made by nature, much like plants. If you have been gardening for a while as well as desire some change of pace, a rock garden may be the one you have actually been trying to find.

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