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Rose blooming

Rose blooming

Even a small garden can bring joy if it is properly arranged. The decoration of this garden will be a rose garden, consisting not only of roses but also accompanying perennials.

Rose garden center

Rose garden center, supplemented by various plants, will be bright and colorful. By choosing the right flowers for the rose house, you can get a continuous flowering throughout the season.

Rose blooming

Next to a bed of roses and other flowers, you can arrange a small relaxation zone, where you can admire the bright views on pretty rose or green rose flower and enjoy the scent of flowers, especially of rose sweet. This can be a patio, a small gazebo or just a garden bench.

Rose blooming

To make the rose garden please you with its beauty, the plants need to be planted in the right places, observing all the necessary requirements, after planting roses, they need to be regularly cared for.

Care for roses

It is better to plant roses in a place protected from the wind. To create such a place you can plant a hedge, for example, from the Western thuja, on the North and Eastside. Plants that make up a hedge should be cut in the first year from the garden right at the trunk so that they do not take up much space in a small garden.

Rose blooming

For roses is suitable sand-argillaceous soil, with a high content of humus. Roses prefer Sunny places, but varieties that bloom in dark colors under the bright sun can get burned.

In autumn, even before an extreme cold, rose bushes need to be covered from the frost, for this purpose you can use spruce branches, and the bases of the bushes are sprinkled with soil. In the spring, rose shoots are cut, large-flowered and multi-flowered varieties are cut over 4 or 6 buds, on grafted bushes, the shoots are cut almost completely, leaving 20 cm from the base of the Bush. Stem roses should be thinned, leaving 5-7 of the most healthy and beautiful shoots.

Rose blooming

Roses can be grafted individually, as a rootstock you can take a wild or multi-flowered rose. Wild rose shoots are thinner than grafted varieties, besides, they have a large number of thorns. Wild shoots are better to be removed, as they can interfere with the growth of the grafted plant.

So, having planted roses in the garden, it is necessary to carry out careful care for them. For roses not to suffer from the invasion of pests, it is better to carry out preventive measures, that is, to spray them with infusions containing natural (natural) means, for example, an infusion of garlic or grapefruit seeds. To prolong the flowering of roses, faded flowers need to be removed in a timely manner.


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