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What does periwinkle look like

periwinkle flower

Periwinkle is a creeping semi-shrub or herbaceous plant that has erect stems. Opposite glossy leathery leaf plates are colored dark green or greenish. Sometimes there are spots on the leaf plates or a border of cream color. Single large periwinkle flowers growing from the leaf axils are colored pink, white or purple. The funnel-shaped Corolla has a cylindrical long tube.

Mass flowering of this periwinkle plant is observed in the spring. At this time, the periwinkle flower looks especially attractive due to the fact that its flower stalks rise up. After most of the flowers wither, the plant will continue to bloom. Individual flowers are present on the Bush throughout the growing season. The fruit is a pair of cylindrical leaflets. In the wild, about 12 species of this periwinkle plant grow.

periwinkle flower

What time to sow the seeds

Sowing periwinkle flower in open soil should be done in the spring or during the winter when almost all garden plants will be at rest. You can also sow seeds in the summer, but you should choose a cloudy or rainy day.

The plot for sowing should be in the shade or shaded place, in this case, the periwinkle plant will grow best. But a well-lit area is also suitable for sowing. The soil should be loose, well-drained, rich in nutrients, and still slightly acidic or neutral. Poor soil before sowing you need to prepare for this, his digging paid compost.

Seeding features

Seeds are sown in shallow grooves (about 10 mm). When they are sealed, watering is performed.

periwinkle flower

Care of periwinkle flower

Absolutely anyone can grow periwinkles on their garden plot, even if they are not well versed in gardening. Watering of such plants is performed only when there is a long dry period. If the rains are systematic, then this crop will not need watering.

Weeds periwinkle does not harm, in this regard, weeding should be carried out only when you want it. To make the Bush more lush and beautiful, it is necessary to periodically pinch both old and young stems.

periwinkle flower

For feeding this plant, you can use organic matter and mineral fertilizers. However, organic fertilizers are much better suited for this purpose, so you can use compost, humus or leaf soil.

When the periwinkle flower ends mass flowering, it will need a haircut. The remaining clippings can be used as cuttings, but they will take root very well.

Reproduction of periwinkle plant

For the reproduction of this periwinkle plant, not only the generative (seed) method is used. So, it can be very easily propagated by dividing the Bush or cuttings. Planting cuttings for rooting is performed in open soil and done in the spring or in the last days of August or the first-September. The distance between the cuttings should be from 0.2 to 0.3 m.

periwinkle flower

For the reproduction of evergreen species, dead shoots are used, and the technique of horizontal layering is used. To do this, sprinkle the stem with a thin layer of soil, and soon it will have roots.

At the very beginning of the spring period, if necessary, the periwinkle can be propagated by dividing the Bush. But you need to do this before the stems begin to grow on the Bush.

Periwinkle plant after flowering

If your garden plot already has a periwinkle, then it is not necessary to collect its seeds. The fact is that it is much easier to propagate by dividing the Bush or cuttings. Experts also recommend preferring vegetative methods of reproduction to seed.

Periwinkle plant medicinal uses

Periwinkle is an extremely useful periwinkle plant, which is why it has long been used in both pharmacology and medicine. The fact is that the composition of this plant includes an alkaloid that can prevent cell division. To date, industrial cultivation of such a crop has been discontinued, since this alkaloid has been learned to synthesize artificially. It is a part of immunosuppressants and antitumor agents. However, despite this, the periwinkle plant is therapeutic and is currently widely used during the treatment of various cardiovascular diseases:

  1. In periwinkle pubescence contain glycosides called pubescence and Benin that help to reduce blood pressure.
  2. The pink periwinkle plant contains the alkaloid reserpine, which is quite valuable. It also helps lower blood pressure.
  3. The herbaceous periwinkle contains rutin, which is often prescribed by doctors for hypertension.

The composition of periwinkle small also includes glycosides. In addition, some species contain ursolic acid and other active substances.

In addition to alkaloids, the periwinkle plant contains tannins, anthocyanins, organic acids, sugars, vitamins, mineral salts, steroids, and phenolic compounds. Products made on the basis of this plant are used in the treatment of diseases such as: violation of cerebral circulation, osteochondrosis, ischemia, atherosclerosis, vascular lesions, psychosis, schizophrenia, depression, vegetative neurosis, polyneuritis, movement coordination disorder, the consequences of meningoencephalitis, and even complex diseases of the ears, throat, nose – sensorineural hearing loss, ototoxic neuritis, vasomotor rhinitis, decreased sense of smell, post-influenza neuritis of the auditory nerve, atrophic rhinopharyngitis.

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